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Chip Shot: CES Sneak Peak: Makers to Compete for $1 Million in TBS Competition Series

During the CES keynote address, Brian Krzanich and Emmy-award winning Producer Mark Burnett (“Survivor” and “Shark Tank”) provided a sneak peek of the teams competing for the $1 million prize and chance to turn their ideas into reality in the new competition series, America’s Greatest Makers , premiering this spring on TBS.

Chip Shot: Intel Brings Making to Next Generation of Innovators with Arduino 101

Arduino 101 will be incorporated into the physical computing course for elementary and secondary schools, created by Arduino.

Easy-to-Use Intel-Powered Development Board Offers Advanced Features for Next Generation of Innovators

Intel, Arduino* Founders Debut Maker Board with Corresponding Education Program Designed for Young Learners NEWS HIGHLIGHTS Arduino 101 is the first widely available development board based on the tiny, low-power Intel ® Curie™ module, announced by Intel at CES 2015. Easy to use and affordable, Arduino 101 is ideal for education environments, makers and embedded developers. Incorporated as part of Arduino’s physical computing course, Arduino101 is designed to build students’ technology skillsets through hands on projects in coding, collaborating and making

Chip Shot: Creators, Crafters, Tinkers… What Will You Make at the Maker Faire Bay Area?

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich, left, is showing an interactive LED Matrix by Joey Hudy, 17, right, at the Intel booth during last year’s Bay Area Maker Faire in San Mateo, Calif., Saturday, May 17, 2014. Ten Intel® Galileo development boards are used to power this matrix of 1,000 LEDs

Intel Marks 30 Years in China with New Products, Investments and Collaborations

Intel Extends Intel® Atom™ x3 Processor Roadmap to Internet of Things; Unveils Intel Mass Makerspace Accelerator Program to Drive Global Innovation, Entrepreneurship INTEL DEVELOPER FORUM, Shenzhen, China, April 8, 2015 – As Intel Corporation celebrates 30 years of local and global technology innovation this year with China, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich today announced additional investments and collaborations that promise to deliver value across a range of industries for the smart, connected world for years to come.