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HP Enterprise Business

HP Enterprise Business is the largest global business unit of HP, offers servers, storage, software and information technology services that enable enterprise and midmarket business customers to manage their current IT environments and transform them into a business enabler. HP Enterprise Business includes Enterprise Storage, Servers and Networking (ESSN), HP Enterprise Services and HP Software Division. HP Technology Services, formerly a fourth division, was recently reorganized under ESSN. The products and services from this organization serve HP’s business customers of all sizes in more than 170 countries.

HP Enterprise Business manages enterprise and public sector customer relationships and also the sales processes across the three business segments to improve speed and effectiveness of customer delivery. HP Enterprise Business manages direct sales for value products including UNIX, enterprise storage and software and pre-sales technical consultants, as well as direct distribution activities for commercial products and go-to-market activities with systems integrators and ISVs.

HP Enterprise Business markets its extensive line of servers, storage, networking, software and services under an initiative it calls the “Instant-On Enterprise”. This vision sees the IT department as both a builder and broker of IT services, who needs to use existing technology in the data center as well as new technologies to deliver services. According to research by Coleman Parkes, the role of information technology is shifting from a support role to becoming “one and the same” with the organizations, recognizing that most companies require technology either to grow or to remain competitive and that firms believe that technology is the key to helping them to innovate. The term “Instant-On” refers to societal trends where there is greater connection via mobile devices and the Internet, and that as a result people and businesses expect immediate gratification and instant results. This means organizations and IT have to act as one in order to react to opportunities and to best compete in the marketplace. Technology will be adopted at even faster rates and IT departments will have the challenge of keeping up. The solutions within the Instant-On Enterprise integrate across HP hardware, software, services, and intellectual property, complementing individual business unit offerings. The integrated solutions within the HP Instant-On Enterprise portfolio are sold within five categories including Application Transformation, Converged Infrastructure, Enterprise Security, Hybrid Delivery/cloud computing, and Information Optimization.
HP Enterprise Business also drives HP’s vertical sales and marketing approach in the communication, media and entertainment, financial services, manufacturing and distribution, and public sector industries as well as a number of other vertical industries.

MSP Data Systems specializes in below HP enterprise products:

  • HP ProLiant Servers (DL/ML/BL series)
  • HP Proliant Hard drives (Fibre channel, SCSI, SATA, SAS & SSD)
  • HP Proliant Memory
  • HP Controllers, Adapters and HBA
  • HP power supplies for Proliant servers, workstations and desktops
  • HP server, workstation and desktop system boards.
  • HP Storage enclosures and storage servers (Fibre channel, SCSI, SATA & SAS)
  • HP Proliant processors
  • HP Networking adapters
  • HP Procurve switches and options
  • HP cables and server accessories

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