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Credit Application:

  • MSP advises that all customers are checked through Dunn & Bradstreet, when applicable and such information derived from this and other checks will be used to determine the company’s eligibility.
  • MSP reserves the right to accept or reject any application based on information provided. The terms and credit limits to be determined by MSP after review is complete.
  • MSP accepts shipping terms of F.O.B. Shipping Point or F.O.B. Destination-Prepay and bill.
  • If partial shipping is acceptable, then MSP reserves the right to expect payment within terms for the product that has shipped and been accepted. All merchandise sold by MSP is considered property of MSP until fully paid by customer.

I have read and understand the above terms and conditions. I hereby authorize MSP Data Systems, Inc. to make inquiries regarding the credit of my company, for the purpose of establishing an open account with MSP Data Systems Inc. for my company.