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Chip Shot: Intel and Toshiba Collaborate on IoT Security

Toshiba Corporation announced it is collaborating with Intel to enhance the IoT security for Toshiba’s industrial infrastructure system solutions. This collaboration will focus on bringing in Intel’s latest security technologies such as Intel Security Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP), security information and event management (SIEM), whitelisting, endpoint security, and next generation firewall to help protect Toshiba’s customers from emerging cyber threats. Read the press release to learn more about how the companies plan to integrate Intel’s domain expertise with Toshiba’s system solutions in the energy, transportation, and healthcare sectors.

Chip Shot: Intel works with Election Systems and Software and Microsoft on ExpressPoll Pollbook Tablet

Election Systems and Software announced a new ExpressPoll Pollbook Tablet, based on the Toshiba Encore 2 Windows * tablet powered by the quad-core Intel® Atom™ processor . The new fleet of pollbooks aims to enhance the voting experience, making it quick and convenient for voters to electronically check-in, validate and update their registration information and view important election details.

Chip Shot: Intel Enhances Computing Experience at CES 2015

CES 2015 brought forth a host of new Intel-powered devices from ASUS , Acer , Dell , HP , Lenovo , and Toshiba that will enrich everyday computing experiences. Intel’s 5th gen Core processor and 14nm processor (“Cherry Trail”) , along with applications such as Intel RealSense and True Key , are expected to provide more computing power and intelligence than before. The latest products have been recognized in several industry awards including the CEA Innovation Awards , Engadget and Digital Trends