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Chip Shot: Computers Top List of ‘Must-Haves’ for Back-to-School

An Intel survey conducted by Uthink examined the technology needs and expectations across North America of incoming college freshmen compared to their parents’ experience a few decades ago. Although there are several differences between then and now, there is agreement among parents and students today that a new computer is the top tech device needed when heading back to school

Chip Shot: Technology Tops Graduation Gift Wish Lists in ‘Her Campus’ Poll

With graduation season underway, Intel and Her Campus Media teamed up to survey more than 500 college women in an informal online poll to explore where technology ranks in their hearts. Technology devices (such as a laptop, tablet or smartphone) proved to be trusted companions, with nearly two-thirds (64 percent) of respondents stating that they are independent women and rely more on their tech than any best friend, boyfriend or super smart lab partner. Furthermore, 68 percent would rather forgo their daily dose of caffeine than accidentally leave their tech at home when heading to class.