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Chip Shot: Intel Announces Industry-Leading Enhancements to U.S. Fertility and Adoption Benefits

In support of its commitment to diversity and inclusion , Intel today announced industry-leading enhancements to its U.S. benefits to provide a range of choices for employees. For 2016, Intel will quadruple its fertility benefit coverage, increasing it to $40,000 for medical services and $20,000 for prescription expenses; triple its adoption benefit coverage, increasing it to $15,000 per adoption; and remove the lifetime spending cap for adoptions.

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Chip Shot: Intel Named a Working Mother Best Company for 9th Straight Year

Intel was named one of Working Mother’s 100 Best Companies today. Working Mother’s annual list, celebrating its 30th year, recognizes companies for their commitment to progressive workplace programs, including advancement of women, flexibility, child care and paid parental leave.

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Chip Shot: Keeping Up with Moore’s Law – Turning 50 on April 19

April 19 marks the 50th anniversary of Moore’s Law : a simple observation that even Gordon Moore didn’t realize for five decades would remain the competitive force that brings the benefits of technology to more people at ever lower costs. Millennials have become the stewards of Moore’s Law: continuously finding ways to shrink technology, make it more power efficient and rethink where – and in what situations – computing is possible and desirable. Perhaps the greatest impact is yet to come.

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